The Center's study of criminal appeals from 1970 to the present revealed 441 Ohio cases in which the defendant alleged prosecutorial error or misconduct.

In 71, judges ruled a prosecutor's conduct prejudiced the defendant and reversed or remanded the conviction, sentence or indictment. In 16, a dissenting judge or judges thought the prosecutor's conduct warranted reversing or remanding the defendant's conviction, sentence or indictment.

Out of all the defendants who alleged misconduct, two later proved their innocence.

Carmen Marino worked as a prosecutor in Cuyahoga County for 30 years before he retired in 2002. He served as chief prosecutor and head of the major trial division. At least 15 Ohio criminal appeals have addressed Marino's conduct. Out of those, judges reversed four defendants' convictions because of Marino's prejudicial trial arguments.

After a jogger found 19-year-old Tony Klann's body floating face down in a creek, the state charged three men, Ed Espinoza, Michael Keenan and Joe D'Ambrosio, with his murder.

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I have watched the programme on Joe on the discovery programmeThere is no doubt that he is innocent.I have been trying to find out more if he's getting a retrial e.t.c.but there doesn't seem to be any infomation.He doesn't seem to be on the pen pals list either.If anyone could let me know i would greatly appreciate it.
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